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Malaysia’s Intellectual Property Consulting Firm

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In order to cater to the various needs of our continuously expanding list of clienteles in Malaysia, One Global IP Sdn Bhd have our team of registered trademark agents, patent agents, industrial design agents, branding consultants and franchise consultants to cater to our clients’ every needs, professionally and skillfully.

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Our Services

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One Global IP offers experienced Patent professionals skilled in providing advisory and consultation for Patent to clients, as well as finely-honed Patent drafting skills to ensure that their inventions are protected.

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Trademark Registration

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One Global IP has helped many companies to attain and maintain trademarks nationwide. Every product and service needs an identity to differentiate from one another.

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Copyright exists as soon as the original work is created and belongs to the creator of the work automatically. One Global IP provides advice to copyright owners and prepare documents for claiming copyright.

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Industrial Design

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One Global IP assists local and foreign clients in providing advice on registrability of industrial designs; filing the applications and extension of registrations; and filing applications for geographical indications.

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One Global IP don’t just serve clients because it is our job, we go beyond that, building long-standing relationships and being part of our clients’ teams.

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Having been in the IP business for well over a decade, we have seen our fair share of business owners who have lost out in the race to secure their IP rights to unscrupulous copycats or competitors, and those who had obtained IP rights but lacked proper protection due to inadequate advice.

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Industry Experience

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Offering an extensive range of services – from trademark to copyright, industrial design to patent, One Global IP is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Visionary foresight, sheer determination and remarkable leadership have brought One Global IP to be where it is today.

One Global IP was founded by Wan Rusmawati bt Wan Mohamed, who has had a vast practical experience in providing consultation in IP matters for more than 12 years and is also a registered Trade Mark agent. Her expertise, experience and professionalism have gained her much reputation in the IP industry throughout all these years.

Our list of reputable clienteles  and many more is a testament of the trust that some of these firms have in One Global IP to help them manage their IP portfolios.

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