Industrial Design

Industrial Designs are exclusive rights granted under Malaysia Industrial Designs Act 1996. An industrial design is the overall appearance of an article or a product. The design may consist of three dimension features such as the shape and configuration of an article, or two dimension features, such as pattern and ornamentation.


  • New
  • Not disclosed to the public anywhere worldwide
  • Not recorded in the Industrial Design Register

Non-Registrable Industrial Designs;

  • It does not have an apparent aesthetic appearance
  • A method or principle of construction, designs or features dictated solely by function
  • Integral parts which consist of features that depend upon the appearance of another article
  • Differ only in immaterial details or in features commonly used in the relevant trade
  • Designs which are contrary to public order or morality

One Global IP provide professional advice to local and foreign owners of industrial designs on industrial design protection, and handle the filing and prosecution of industrial design applications on their behalf on a day-to-day basis which follow under underĀ Malaysia Industrial Designs Act 1996. We take it a step further by working closely with clients and effectively advising them on the areas of infringement of designs, licensing and cross-licensing their creative or innovative designs and more, to ensure each step they take is relevant to their business activities.

General Requirements for Filing a Design Registration

To secure a filing date the following information is required:

  • application form disclosing all the applicants,
  • representations of the articles to which the industrial design is applied,
  • filing fee

The following information can be filed later:

  • representations of the article to which the industrial design is applied,
  • the name of the author(s),
  • the international classification,
  • a statement of novelty in respect of the industrial design to which the application relates,
  • a copy of the priority document certified as correct by the office with which was filed (if so required by the Design Office).

The process is illustrated by the flowchart on the right. Click on the flowchart for clearer picture of the process.

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